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Kicking Into Success

Your support of the Kicking Into College Kanatsiz Scholars Fund will provide critical scholarship support to annually create educational pathways and improve academic achievement for current and future generations of at-risk youth and young adults. This unique approach to getting youth excited about completing their higher education studies and build confidence through soccer will Change the Game for them and for our community.

The Kicking Into College Program, established and funded through the creation of an endowed Kanatsiz Scholars Fund, is envisioned as one of the largest and one-of-a-kind funds at Santa Ana College. The Kanatsiz Scholars Fund will provide critical scholarship and program support to annually create educational pathways and improve academic achievement for current and future generations of at-risk youth and young adults.

Special focus will be placed on engaging and recruiting young people based locally in the communities surrounding Santa Ana College who have a high propensity to be exposed to gang involvement and substance abuse issues. In addition to providing life-changing, full-ride scholarships to a targeted group of incoming students, the program will provide critical networking and mentorship connections with local business leaders and scholarship donors.


It will utilize soccer as the driving force to engage these scholars in a game that builds confidence and reframes challenges. It will positively impact their quality of life. The endowed fund will create an on-going opportunity for these initiatives to continue for Santa Ana College students, Santa Ana, and greater Orange County community in perpetuity.

How It Works

The Kicking Into College Kanatsiz Scholars Program aims to build a lasting and impactful relationship with the local community, including the surrounding high-risk student populations, to create a pipeline of scholarship prospects and applications. This community outreach will change the lives of hundreds of youth by using the love of the game each and every year through soccer – the most popular sport in the world. 

Though this is not an athletic scholarship, it is meant to use the love of the game as a way to keep students engaged and supported through the Annual Clinic and connections with future Santa Ana College students. The mentoring and learning community environment fostered by collegiate athletics supports these students outside of a traditional classroom in ways that show up in their academic performance and overall growth. Critical K-12 partners that SAC and the Santa Ana community work with and other local and community institutions, such as Parks and Recreation divisions, will be targeted as key partners for the recruitment of annual soccer clinic participants and scholarship prospects.


Santa Ana College Alumni Hall of Famer and renowned CEO Sinan Kanatsiz has developed this scholarship fund as a way to honor the legacy of his father Ertuvan Kanatsiz who established the first-ever soccer team for a community college while he was at Santa Ana College.

Sinan Kanatsiz
Chairman, Internet Marketing Association
Ertuvan Kanatsiz, founder of original SAC college soccer team

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In order to reach an endowed scholarship fund of $250,000 within 12 months, we need you to be a player in this game. 

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